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The grant application process begins with the creation of an online account and submission of a Letter of Intent via the website, to be available by June 15, 2019. All submissions must be completed online as paper submissions will no longer be accepted for consideration.

Each organization may complete one submission annually. Letters of Intent must be submitted through the website by August 1 of each year. Applicants will receive an email verification of the Letter of Intent submission.

Letters of Intent will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee to determine if a full proposal is of interest. Organizations will receive, via email, either an invitation to submit a full proposal with access to the online grant application or a letter of regret. Full proposals must seek support for the purpose stated in the approved letter of intent.

The full proposals will be reviewed by the Committee and presented to the Board for action. All organizations submitting full proposals will receive an email notification of the Board’s decision during the fourth quarter of each year.

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